Income Tax Return Preparation Services Targeted to benefit individual and small business clients. The service assists those who need help in completing tax return documents and forms. This can include a review of prior years returns to assess accuracy and to defend a client in receipt of an audit notice.

Income Tax Planning Services Targeted to benefit individual and small business clients. This service allows a client to anticipate the tax implications of current year business success and to create a plan to limit their tax exposure. This may also allow for planning in years to come as clients evaluate their personal and business plans with emphasis on tax implications.

Money Management - Targeted to assist the growing elder population of North Texas. This service assists in managing personal finances, paying bills and managing the affairs of the elderly. This service may be requested by the children of an individual needing help managing their personal finances.

Consulting I have an extensive background in working with Auditors, Regulators and other Financial Advisors that can prove beneficial to clients. Further I have over 24 years experience in various Corporate Financial positions that enable me to assist those in need of creating internal controls or financial reporting.

Financial Coaching I can help coordinate the activities of families and businesses and become the head coach of the financial advisor team. I can also help coach children and young adults to save and plan for their future.

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